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Twenty-four neon canister shells. Garnet stars, yellow dahlia with silver glitter, garnet and green glitter, cyan and silver glitter,green dahlia with gold glitter, brocade and water-blue peony, brocade with pinky peony, green spider with silver glitter, red spider with green glitter, purple lemon and gold glitter, sea-blue, green and red glitter, timerain willows with sky-blue stars, multicolored dahlia with silver glitter, blue and purple stars with red glitter, purple wave and green glitter, silver chrysanthemum, multicolored dahlia with crackling, brocade and sea blue stars with red glitter, brocade with silver glitter, brocade and cyan stars with crackling, multicolored dahlia and silver chrysanthemums, red glittering willows with green glitter.


SKU: BP-A091
  • Unit size: 30-1/8x8-7/8x4-7/8 in.

    Packing: 4/4/6

    Ctn. size: 0.094 cu. m.

    Gr Wt.: 60 LB

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